Significance of Logo

The symbol of three dolphins has special significance for when Sarah first battled cancer and the Make-A-Wish Foundation® granted her wish to swim with the dolphins.  She was so grateful for being able to swim with wild, spotted dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas.


You’ll note that there is one larger dolphin surrounded by two smaller dolphins and that together they form a circle. This signifies the support being provided to youngsters and their families in a full circle meaning “What goes around…comes around”.


Supporting Sarah’s Wish Foundation means supporting families when they are most vulnerable.  It is our hope that they too will be inspired to do the same.

Sarah’s Wish Foundation supports families of children with cancer. Through donations to the Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta, subsidized accommodations are provided to families in need. And through an emergency fund, direct assistance is provided to families who immediately need financial support to cover additional, unexpected expenses.

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