About Sarah's Wish

Sarah’s Wish Foundation was created by Lance and Debbie in 2004, after their daughter Sarah was diagnosed and treated for Osteosarcoma (the same bone cancer that Terry Fox had). Based on their experience, they wanted to help other families with the associated challenges from when a child is diagnosed with cancer. For many families, the expenses following diagnosis can be enormous.


It often means a loss of income of at least one caregiving parent, plus travel expenses, meals, taxi’s, accommodations, medicine and so forth.

This can create tremendous financial strain on families already overwhelmed by the emotional anxiety of having a sick child.


Lance and Debbie were very grateful for the outpouring of support from their circle of support, but they realized that not all families have the same level of support.  They were especially grateful for the unique warmth and support that Ronald McDonald House provides.  So, with that in mind, Sarah’s Wish Foundation was created to provide practical assistance to families, in two ways:


1) Donations for an accommodation fund with the Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta so that families experiencing financial hardship and who must travel distances for their child will have somewhere to call home during the treatment period.  Ronald McDonald House® provides a haven so that caregivers of sick children can acquire much needed rest and emotional support.


2) An emergency fund to immediately assist those needing financial support to meet the many unexpected expenses.  This assistance is not a loan to the family, but rather an opportunity for them to “pay it forward” to another family when in a position to do so.


Although Sarah lost her battle in July 2009, she was proud of what the foundation was able to accomplish as a small organization with a mission that is mighty. The support however small or large has helped families in the most practical of ways when they need it most.


Please consider supporting Sarah’s Wish Foundation by participating in the annual golf tournament as a golfer and/or sponsor or with a direct donation at any time.

Sarah’s Wish Foundation supports families of children with cancer. Through donations to the Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta, subsidized accommodations are provided to families in need. And through an emergency fund, direct assistance is provided to families who immediately need financial support to cover additional, unexpected expenses.

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